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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pastor's weekly message

Dear Friends in Christ,

                 This coming Sunday we mark the beginning of Holy Week by celebrating the Sunday of the Passion a.k.a. Palm Sunday.  Worship begins with a palm procession commemorating Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  Quickly the tone of the service changes as we meditate upon Jesus' passion and death (Matthew 26:14-27:66).  Though Jesus is obedient even unto death on the cross, he is exalted by God.  We gather to remember his offering for the life of the world and to be fed by his life-giving mercy.  This holy week will culminate in the celebration of the Three Days of Jesus' death and resurrection.


·         You are invited to join us tonight, Wednesday, Mar. 12, at 6 pm for a super soup supper, which will be followed by the service of Holden Evening Prayer from 6:30-7 pm.  Food for body and soul! 

·        Pastor John Cross of Kairos will be here at Shepherd of the Valley Thursday through Saturday this week.  He will be holding Team Leader meetings, Focus group assessments, and individual assessments in order to get ready for the Capital Campaign.  You should have received a mailing regarding your opportunity to meet with Pastor Cross.  Don't forget to write your faith stories and turn them in to the Spiritual Life Team leaders, Corinne Gilbertson and Ann Smith!

·        Spring Cleaning alert!  This Friday, March 14th from 1 pm on and Saturday, March 15th, from 9 am to 12 pm, there will be a work party here at church to make both the inside and the outside look nice for Easter. BYOGT:  Bring your own garden tools if you're planning to work outside.

·        BYOB—Bring your own basket!  Things will be "hopping" this coming Sunday at 9:45, as the Sunday School holds SOV's annual egg hunt.

NOTE:  Lent is a very busy season in any church, and this year there are many extra things going on at Shepherd of the Valley.  It is wonderful and exciting to be in the middle of the call process and to be kicking off a capital campaign, but these activities will likely require support from SOV's secretary, Nancy Shetterly.  During the next couple of weeks there will be extra worship bulletins to prepare, and there are various project going on around the church during the week (painting, cleaning up the grounds, finishing the upstairs office space, etc.).  All these wonderful activities tend to impact on Nancy's halftime work schedule, making it more challenging to get things done in a timely manner.  Please be patient with our secretary and respect her work space and her need for quiet time.  Thank you!