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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Information on Vacation Bible School

Hello all,
It is amazingly time to plan for another Vacation Bible School event for SOV.
For this year I have proposed a mini-weekend VBS, running a Friday night, a portion of Saturday, followed by a less complex role during the 2nd Sunday service.
The Dates/times I have proposed are as follows:   





5:45 PM - 8:00 PM

10 AM-4 PM

2nd Service





To get the VBS planning rolling I would like us to meet for our first planning session in the Rainbow room, shortly after the close of the 2nd service on APRIL 20.

RSVP if you can or can not make this time slot, or if anyone is aware of any SOV conflicts.   

I am proposing several other changes for this year, hopefully they will peak your interest, some of which include:
-- Augsburg Fortress not Gospel Light - I would like us to use the  Augsburg Fortress "Rainforest Adventure, VBS 2008"  as our underlying theme materials.  Their program theme is:  A Tree Top Bible Blast  --  a sky-high adventure into God's Word for a faith-filled weekend with a Stewardship theme that will have kids taking care of God's wondrous creation and each other too!   Link to the Rainforest VBS program for more info and music samples: http://www.thevbsplace.org/ 

-- SOV Youth Choir - proposing we leverage  the youth choir with some pre-learning of selected music, along with the leadership of Kevin and Larina during the weekend VBS sessions 
-- No LIVE SKIT - Instead of lining up actors/actresses and  design stage backdrops I am suggesting we use the DVD  skit materials from the VBS kit and show the skit via a movie style approach

-- Community Service activity instead of individual crafts 

Blessings to you for supporting our youth,

Lisa Ramsey Barnes