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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Building on Christ our Foundation

Sisters and Brothers of SOV,

Who would have believed that, in 35 years of ministry, Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church would touch the lives of so many people? God probably knew it would happen, but we don't think we did. We can't fathom visions like this, because they are of God, and not our own in the making. It reminds us of the old saying: God doesn't call us to do anything we think we can do, only that which is beyond us. If we think we can do it, we don't need God. But when we venture forth into a challenge that is beyond our human ability that is when God begins his awesome work. This is how we feel about this campaign that we have begun.

We never thought we would add a dedicated sanctuary to our church facility, but that is how the Spirit is leading us. How will it all get done? We don't know. That is where faith in God takes over. We walk by faith and not by sight. But the beginning of any journey with God involves our commitment. The scripture teaches us that God tests our commitment before he blesses our action. It is now the time for you and me to make our commitments to the capital funds that we have begun.

It has taken the commitment of the whole community to get us to this moment. It takes the process of discernment led by a Building Committee charged with clarifying God's mission for Shep0herd of the Valley. It took the overwhelming "Yes!" declared by the congregation to the question, "Shall we stay and do ministry here?" It took the imagination and brainstorming of dozens of members to begin to shape on paper the facility in Phase I and Phase II.

It's taken literally hundreds of hours given by dozens of people continuing to contribute their technical or artistic or organizational acumen to making things take the planning to this level.

But most of all, it's taken trust in knowing that our commitment to expanding God's work is no more than we are capable of doing. It's taken trust that this place is where we belong, and that this building is a tool, which God will use for God's good purposes. It will take the trust that the congregation will back up with dollars for the ministry. The Holy Spirit is working in and through us to form us into more faithful disciples and enthusiastic missionaries witnessing to the difference that the Light of Jesus Christ makes in our lives and in a dark world.

Tammy and I have been truly blessed to be co-directors of the KAIROS Capital Funds Campaign.

Bob R. McFall & Tammy McDonald