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Monday, May 12, 2008

Enriched by Faith

Thank you to everyone who was able to participate in the Cottage Meetings last Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Everyone attending had a wonderful time and we all were enriched by the faith stories of those people who gave their individual stories.

On such story was given Friday evening by Rod Stoltenburg who talked about looking for a church in Fargo, North Dakota when it looked as if he and Betty were going to be moving there. Search as he might, going back several times to various churches; he was unable to find a church home like Shepherd of the Valley. Not only are we happy Rod and Betty will be remaining at SOV it was very interesting to hear the story of his search and what simply did not feel right in North Dakota.

Terry Wageman provided a very emotional letter as you would expect from our Japan correspondent, however I will not steal Cal and Caryl's thunder as I am sure they will share with you all Terry's comments in the near future. Terry's mother had the most interesting story about Terry and his big sister Tammy feeling that Terry needed a flashlight to find his way back to church when he was in the latter years of high school and college however we are delighted that Terry found his way back to church and is an active member of SOV regardless of where he lives.

There were a number of other touching faith stories, most from people you would never expect to be sharing such personal thoughts. What a wonderful experience. If you missed any of the three Cottage meetings you missed the experience of a lifetime.

Families attending the Cottage Meetings are being asked to return their Response Cards by Sunday, May 18th. If anyone is unable to do so please make sure the cards are received no later than our Celebration Sunday, June 1st 2008.

Even though it was only last Thursday (8th), Friday (9th) and Saturday (10th) that we held the Cottage meetings, as of Sunday the 11th we have received commitments in excess of $50,000.

The power of prayer and guidance of God is the driving force behind the "Building on CHRIST our Foundation" campaign.


Bob McFall & Tammy McDonald
Co-Directors, Capital Funds Campaign