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Friday, May 9, 2008

Top Ten Reasons

Top Ten Reasons We Should Support - "Building on CHRIST our Foundation"

10. It forces us to look to the Lord for guidance because it's too big for us to do on our own
9. It provides us an opportunity to leave a legacy for the next generation
8. This is the Lord's house
7. Accomplishing such a major project will be a unifying event for our congregation
6. We will all be proud of our sanctuary and newly renovated church and will be much more likely to invite our friends
5. We only have one time to make a good first impression and first time visitors will want to return
4. As we ponder, pray and "stew" about what we want to give to the appeal we will grow spiritually. Jesus said, "For where your treasure is your heart will follow."
3. Most of our giving to the church comes out of our income. A building fund appeal forces us to remember that everything that we have is a gift from God as we contemplate giving from our total resources. Yes, even our stocks, bonds, real estate, business assets, etc. -- ALL are from the Lord.
2. Over time we will give even more money to give to benevolence and for special needs outside of our church. Building fund programs tend to help people grow in their giving and, even when the building is paid, they often give more to their church on an ongoing basis. By giving more we trust God more and that lesson stays with people for the rest of their lives.
1. The church is where the major events of life are recognized and blessed. It is at church that we celebrate baptisms, where we teach our children about God, where we see young people affirming their faith, where those in love are married, where we hear the Word of God proclaimed, where we confess our sinfulness and accept God's forgiveness, where we are renewed through the sacrament of Holy Communion, where we call when a loved one needs pastoral care, where we have many of our closest friends, where we can come for fellowship and fun, where we can pray, laugh, shed tears, study, reflect and put our entire lives in perspective. Think for a moment -- "What would my life be without this church?"

In these past 35 years we have together gathered wonderful people of all ages in ministries of care and service in the congregation and community. We have grown in mission. We have been blessed with tremendous examples of 'faith active in love'. We are challenging ourselves to add Phase I of our building addition plan so that we can better witness, serve and grow for the future.

Our Phase I at Shepherd of the Valley is a strategic plan to better serve the growing neighborhoods surrounding SOV, and to bringing the "un-churched" to hear the word of God.

We have witnessed many changes during our years together. We have matured in our prayerful care for one another and strangers. We have said 'goodbye' to dear friends in Christ. We continue to work at growing our youth programs and spreading the word of God.

Since change is as real as the air we breathe, how we embrace and manage change is so important. We don't change just for change's sake; but we do change in order to update, adjust, and connect to the life and needs of people around us. We, the congregation of SOV voted to stay and grow our ministry where we are currently located on Cornell Road, we have adjusted our worship hours at various times through out the years to be flexible to the needs of our congregation, we have changed music and worship styles, we have worked diligently in order not to incur a large mortgage, we have changed habits for new ones and we save the best and adapt and grow! Why?

Because we have a changeless God in a changing world. The message that we are saved by grace through faith is the Gospel truth. How we live and share it requires a new mind and fresh heart. This is what we so admire about you at Shepherd of the Valley!

We follow God's heart for lost, hurting, lonely, hungry, sick, and searching people. As we follow the Lord's heart for the world, we take risks, we dare to do ministry in new areas, we find ways to tell and live the old, old story in new, new ways. In following the Spirit's heart for the world we are blessed with a unity of purpose. We are a united church and this will continue to happen as we follow God's heart. The buildings are just that – buildings. The church is the people who are redeemed and gathered to live out God's heart.

So as you prayerfully consider your upcoming three-year capital funds campaign for the building of Phase I, our new sanctuary and remodeling of our current building to better serve our youth and needs of our congregation, and respond with your gifts to support the "Building on Christ our Foundation" appeal, know that we are so proud of all of your undying support of Shepherd of the Valley. You are a mission minded people and together we will wear out this building with caring and serving ministry to young and old of God's world.

May God Bless you!
Bob R. McFall & Tammy McDonald
Executive Directors: "Building on Christ our Foundation"