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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pastor's weekly message

Dear Friends in Christ,

Belonging to the people of God is not always easy, as we will see in our Scripture lessons for this coming Sunday.  Jeremiah knew the frustration of having his words rejected, and he wasn't afraid to tell God exactly how he felt!  We should notice, however, that even though Jeremiah accuses God of forcing him into a ministry that brings him only contempt and persecution, he also trusts that God will protect him against his enemies and he commits his life into God's hands.  In our gospel lesson, Jesus declares that his words may not bring peace, but division.  He warns his disciples that their ministry in his name will meet with opposition, requiring absolute trust in God and an unswerving commitment to their Lord.

In baptism we are buried with Christ, so that we may walk in newness of life.  As we take stands for the sake of justice and lose our lives for the sake of others, we need not be afraid.  The hairs of our head are counted.  In baptism we are marked with the cross of Christ forever….  In spite of and because of the trials we face in this life, in the end it is Good News that we belong to God! 
Please read on for announcements and prayer requests! 


· Social Concerns is working with the local Red Cross to help victims of the recent fire at the Birch Pointe apartment complex (across Cornell Rd. from the church).  There is one person in need of towels, a twin or full-sized bed, and a chair.  Undoubtedly, there will be others in need of furniture.  If you have any items of furniture to donate, please call Mert.

· Your Church Council meets tomorrow evening, with several new members who will be attending.  Please offer prayers for guidance for your leadership, as well as prayers of thanksgiving for all who are sharing their gifts on behalf of the congregation.

Prayer concerns:

…Prayers for strength and guidance for all who are caring for loved ones.

…Prayers for strength and comfort for all the people in the Midwest who have lost so much in the wake of the terrible flooding.