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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Is God Calling You?

Dear Friends in Christ,

We know that our Lord had a special place in his heart for children, and so do most of us at SOV!  It's time to translate our faith and love into action:  SOV's kids need a few more Sunday School teachers to share their love of God with them.  The more teachers we have, the easier the time commitment will be.  In addition, the kids will thrive knowing that so many adults in their church family care about them.

This would be a team-teaching situation, so no one has to worry about working alone.  If you're inexperienced as a teacher, don't worry:  There are others who can help you.  Besides, the most important thing is sharing your love of God and your love of the kids.

So, think about it:  Is God calling you to give some of your time to God's littlest ones—even just a few hours on a Sunday morning?  As a former Sunday School teacher myself, I guarantee that if you try this for a few weeks, you will be blessed in ways you never imagined!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Michelle