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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Spread the Good News!

Dear SOV Church Family,

I just experienced something very exciting: I listened to part of last Sunday's worship service on my computer! You can do this, too! In fact, by logging onto SOV's website, Aggie Wagemann and the McDonald family were able to "have church" in their home, which helped them feel connected, even though they couldn't be with us physically on Sunday!

You can "have church" at home, too! Just go to http://www.sovlutheran.com/ and click where it says "podcast." (The suggestion of downloading Firefox really does help speed things up!)

[Ed note: You can also find our podcast in iTunes. Just search for Shepherd Beaverton inside the iTunes store.]

What fun! And whom should we thank for all this fun? Why, our beloved SOV "techies," of course: Bob McFall, Tom Barnes, James Graham, Joe Hoffbeck, Arden Tarum, Terry Wagemann, and Aaron Zahrowski.

Have fun sharing the Good News with your friends!


Pastor Michelle