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Monday, September 15, 2008

Pastor's weekly message

Dear Friends in Christ,
In our gospel lesson for this coming Sunday, Matthew narrates one of Jesus' controversial parables, in which Jesus says the reign of God is like workers who get paid the same no matter when they start working.  By human standards, this doesn't seem fair.  We tend to see things in a narrow, self-centered way.  Thankfully, our God does not see as we see:  God's vision is of a world where all are reconciled with God and with each other.  God's grace and mercy are without limit and without end, and so it's never too late to accept God's open invitation to enter into God's vineyard and begin the work of the kingdom.  Someone who turns to God in the last minutes of life will receive the same reward as a lifelong Christian.  Now THAT'S radical generosity!!!
Prayer of the Day
Almighty and eternal God, you show perpetual loving kindness to us your servants.  Because we cannot rely on our own abilities, grant us your merciful judgment, and train us to embody the generosity of your Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.  Amen
· This coming Sunday, September 21 the congregation of SOV will gather to vote on the recommendation to call Pastor Kathleen M. ("Kit") Neeley to be the next pastor of Shepherd of the Valley.  The meeting will be called to order at 6 pm.  A spaghetti dinner will be provided, beginning at 5 pm.  (There will be a variety of sauces to accommodate dietary needs.)  Childcare will be provided: Hilary from Kids of the Kingdom will be downstairs beginning at 5:45pm.
In our prayers:
· All breast cancer survivors and SOV's Race for the Cure team, who will be walking this coming Sunday, Sept. 21
· Prayers for safety and wisdom for all who serve in the military;
· …Prayers for strength and guidance for all who are caring for loved ones;
· …Prayers for strength and guidance for all who are unemployed.