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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

From Bishop Dave Brauer-Rieke

Dear Oregon Synod Friends,

I arrived in Chicago this noon for our Spring Conference of Bishops (COB) meeting.  It occurs to me that the COB meetings (3 per year) are something you may not be aware of.  Even if you are you may wonder what we do.  You certainly have a right to know!

I'm going to keep a little blog for our meeting which began Thursday, March 5.  The last day is Tuesday, March 10. This will not be as exciting as my Israel/Palestine trip blog (I'll try, but ...) but nonetheless it might be of interest to you.  Since I do not have a formal blog for this purpose I will use my new "Book of Faith" blog at http://bookoffaith.ning.com/profile/DaveBrauerRieke .  Check if out if you are at all curious.

Beyond this you may wish to sign up for your own "Book of Faith" page with the green "Sign up" link in the upper right hand corner of my page.  I encourage you to do this.  Then you can become my friend and do lots of other wonderful "Facebook" sorts of things.  Give it a try. Or if you rather, just check out my COB entries.

Thank you to your pastor or church office worker for forwarding this email on for me.  We'll be looking in the future at other ways to get direct communications and information into your hands – always under your control, of course.

Lenten Blessings!

Bishop Dave Brauer-Rieke