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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pastor's Weekly Message

Greetings in the name of Christ,
Well, well, this is my first attempt at this endeavor, and I hope it goes well.
Today is Ascension day.  It has been noted, if not celebrated, in the church since the 4th century.  It is the 40th day of Easter, the day that Jesus departed and rose into heaven.  The story recounting it can be found at the end of the gospel according to St. Luke and the beginning of the book of the Acts of the Apostles.  Read the story and think about the disciples the next time you look up toward the heavens, and how often it would be nice to just freeze things in time, or how often we may find ourselves staring off into the distance, not necessarily connected to where we are, and what it is like to be jolted back to reality.
Sometimes the jolts are necessary, and sometimes they seem to be a cruel reminder.  It is what happens after that jolt to the disciples that continues, at least in part, in this coming Sunday's lessons.  Stay tuned.
This is the second week for me here in the office, and while there hasn't been any routine established, somethings, and more importantly, some faces, are beginning to look familiar.  Routine will be difficult to establish, especially until we are able to move to the area.  It is not ideal, but for now it is how it is.  Please bear with me, and let us at least enjoy getting to know one another. 
This is a holiday week end, and for this particular one there will be only one worship service on Sunday, May 24th, at 10:30am.  And if you find yourself traveling, please be careful, and most all enjoy the time, be it to relax, the visit with family and friends, to take in the wonders of nature, or some combination of them all.  Feed yourself well, in mind, body and spirit.
Remember in prayer:
the men and women in our armed services;
those who struggle daily with addictions;
the continuing ministry of SOV
SOV annual meeting on June 14th, following late service.  An important time in the life of this community of faith.
And please let me know of prayer concerns you may have. 
In the peace and power of the cross.