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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pastor's Weekly Message

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Yesterday was chapel time and the kids ambled in a little after 9:00am. My grand -daughters were here too, and at first they weren't going to come in, but curiosity got the best of them. Today we were to talk about creation, in particular flowers and birds, and we looked around the sanctuary to see what we could see (and of course we saw more than flowers and birds, because young eyes were doing the looking, and things needed to be pointed out), then we sang eight verses of "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands", and then we headed outside.

Haven't spent as much time as I might outside around this space, so I was prepared to be surprised too. There are many flowers to take in, so many roses, so many hues, and not only the roses. As we walked down toward the water I told of the blue heron I had seen Sunday when we were leaving church, how it flew over Cornell and landed right down there. We stopped on the side walk to see what we could see, noticed a few different birds, trying to listen to their songs above the hum of the street. And then out of the tall grass came the ducks, a mom and six ducklings (although the babies were nearly as big as mom) and they walked right up to us. (My guess is they are used to receiving some food from visitors.) The kids stood still. The ducks stood still. It was a pretty sweet moment. We went looking for a particular part of creation and God said, "How about this?" And yes that worked pretty well.

They followed us a bit. We looked at some more things. Picked some "flowers" (I used to give my mom dandelions when I was a kid and she pretended they were rare beauties). And we were reminded that the wonders of creation are all over the place, ready to surprise us indeed. Thanks for the gifts Lord, and help me to pay attention.

Peace and blessings,
Pastor Randy

Take a moment to pray, "O God of creation, eternal majesty, you preside over land and sea, sunshine and storm. By your strength pilot us, by your power preserve us, by your wisdom instruct us, and by your hand protect us, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen."