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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pastor's Weekly Message

Family of Christ,
We have lots of birds that visit our back yard, and they provide many moments of simple pleasure, watching their interactions and nervous natures.  There are finches, doves, jays, towhee, sparrow, quail and more. I get a kick in particular out of robins.  They have a distinctive hop, but it is their method of hunting that always brings a smile.  They stop, cock their head and seem to listen intently, apparently to a sound no one else can hear.  And then suddenly strike the ground, and more times than not it seems, come up with a worm that is quickly chopped up like a chef preparing a meal for someone else.  They seem to have an ability to pay attention, to notice the slightest thing, that astounds me.
Life is almost always in a rush it seems, and while we cannot take it all in, I sometimes wonder what we do miss because we don't take the time to pay attention, even for just a moment here and there.  What things we may take in and relish that only we can hear, see, taste and then share with others.  And in it all we find even more reasons to give thanks for the richness of our lives. 
Thanks for the gifts Lord. 
 In Christ,
"O God, eternal goodness, immeasurable love, you place your gifts before us; we eat and are satisfied.  Fill us and this world in all its need with the life that comes only from you, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.  Amen."
Ushers needed for 10:30 service this Sunday, Please let me know if you are available.