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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nov 1: Commitment Sunday!

Our Stewardship program continues this Sunday with Commitment Sunday as part of All Saints Sunday…two special celebrations in one worship service.

One celebration to honor the love and gifts of those that have gone before us.
Second celebration is to celebrate and give back to God some of the love and gifts He has given us.

We will have special music to sing, the children's choir to lead us in song, a visit from Peli, and the choir will sing as part of our special time of offering and commitment.

During our offering time we are each invited to come to the altar to give God our regular offerings as well as offering our new volunteer and financial pledges for the coming year.  A paper heart will be given to each person to share something that God has given them and then place the heart in the basket during our offering.

We will also be offering what we have collected from "Cans Can Make a Difference" and hope that each of you will bring something to share as we continue our stewardship of helping feed the hungry.

Your personal pledges are a joyful opportunity to help make a difference in the ministry of our church as we come together and share what God has given each of us.

Serving God together,

The SOV Stewardship committee