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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pastor's Weekly Message

To the family of Christ at Shepherd of the Valley,
"Without doubt, the mystery of our religion is great...."  I Timothy 3:16
Tuesday morning started off as most any other day.  Some plans, but also much mystery lay before me.  (That plays into the old joke, "How do you make God laugh?  Make a plan.")
There was the drive that is sometimes a drudgery from Albany to Beaverton.  Started in darkness, but soon there was a pink glow to the east and the Cascades, and there was low lying fog.  While it can be a challenge to drive in, this morning it hung on the fields and rolling hills south of Salem, and added a silver silence to the burgeoning morning.  So much beauty.  (The fog always seems to shroud the unknown, therefore more mystery.)
The day unfolded with many conversations, some surprises, studying, preparing for the whole of the week and beyond.  Sometimes it is hard to tell what is accomplished, because so many things are never done. The adventure just continues.
Late this evening, driving west on highway 26, after a dinner with most of my little family, and there before me lay the coast range and the pink glow of the now setting sun, and more mystery.  Answers and certainties are welcomed, but there is beauty in mystery, and it fills every day.  Thank you Creator God for your presence in the mystery.
In quiet wondering and certain celebration,
Pastor Randy
"Comfort with the grace of your Holy Spirit all who are in sorrow or need, sickness or adversity.  Remember those who suffer persecution for the faith.  Have mercy on those to whom death draws near.  Bring consolation to those in sorrow or mourning.  And to all grant a measure of your love, taking them into your tender care.  In Christ.  Amen."
Joyous Light Evening Worship this evening at 6:30 pm with communion.