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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pastor's Weekly Message

Lying flat on my back and looking at the tube I was about to roll into it didn't seem so small after all.  Maybe the concerns about claustraphobia  were unfounded.  Ah, but this was my first MRI, and once inside the tube it felt plenty small, and after opening my eyes only momentarily there was concern about being able to make it through the next 20 minutes.  There was a need to find a better place to be, at least in my head, and that was something that I'd only considered before.  There was no plan.
Where I ended up was thinking of my little girl's wedding in just a few days. (Little girl?  No matter what, that word picture has no basis in human reality, she will always be that to me.  She will always be in some sense the little girl the blond angel that used to sit on my lap as I read to her.)  I thought about what would be said as part of the ceremony, about my hopes for this new family, about my love for them.  It was a good place to be, and the theatening time flew by in thoughts of hope and love for one another.
This is not about being a perfect parent, because I am far from it.  But if someone as imperfect as I, painfully imperfect, still desires a blessed life for his child, think about what God desires for us.  Think about how much we are loved and what the heavenly Father desires for us.
Take the time to check out Matthew 6:25-34, at the end of that section are the words, "So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own.  Today's trouble is enough for today."  There will always be troubles, but we will never be alone to face them.  There is someone in the tube with us, hoping to take us to a better, no less real, place.  Please lift us all with your love Lord.
In peace and power of the cross,
Pastor Randy
Wednesday Evening Service tonight at 6:30 pm.
This Sunday, October 25th, is Reformation Sunday, please wear red if you are going to be here.

Variety Show Sunday October 25th, 6:00 pm please bring a plate of cookies to share.