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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Stewardship Committee Thanks You

The Stewardship Committee would like to share the results from last weeks Commitment Sunday on November 1.

Stewardship 2010    "Acting together...Sharing enough"

We had 162 in attendance, both our choirs sang and we had a fly in by Peli. We came together to offer hearts in thanks to God for His gifts to us, received 44 financial pledges along with 69 members turning in volunteer forms.  This is a wonderful start to our yearlong Stewardship program!  We will continue to have more opportunities to learn how we can strengthen our SOV ministries, missions and experience joy of giving and living Stewardship within all areas of our lives.

Pledge forms are welcome at any time.  Members making a pledge are always welcome to reevaluate all areas of commitment. 

Thank you for your food contributions during the onset of the, "Cans can make a difference" part of our "Acting together…sharing enough" Stewardship program.  We can continue to help stock our Shepherds Storehouse as we help strengthen our ministry to help people in need.  We would like to remind each of you that we have another easy way to be good Stewards as we fill our newspaper drop box.  This money goes to help the general budget.  Bring your papers and fill our box …often!

Thank you for your support and participating in learning how each of us can make a difference for our church when we act together and share what God has given us.  We will continue to share information with the congregation and plan more activities throughout the year. 

Please continue to pray for all the missions and ministries of our congregation. 

In Christ's service,
The SOV Stewardship team  
Jim Allgaier, Larina Hoffbeck, Diane Lewis and Deb Mueller-Kruse