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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pastor's Weekly Message

"to you is born this day ... a Savior ... a child wrapped in bands of cloth and lying in a manger."  Luke 2:11-12
The sun is shining brightly.  The sky is a beautiful bright blue.  And the way it looks belies the reality of what it feels like upon stepping into the open air.  It is bitterly cold, and not a time to stay outside unless you're prepared with layers of clothing.  (This is not to deny the beauty, but points to the very real fact that things are not always as they seem.)

Luke writes about "the Messiah, the Christ" being born.  God's great promise fulfilled in a mere baby (miraculous as any birth is), and this child lying in a feed box no less!  Really God?  Are we to believe such grand things from such simple beginnings?  Indeed things are not always as they appear.
This little Christ child is a sign that God meets us exactly where we are.  This is also the time of the year that many of us feel all the more pressure to appear differently than we actually feel.  Smiles on the outside, but inside something far different.  And we are all met there.  Met by the Christ, who gives us the chance to see beauty and know warmth in spite of the reality we face.
As I write these words, sitting on the couch of this week's adopted home, it is cold, very cold, outside.  But there is also an absolutely beautiful clear sky to take in.  In the darkness there is still a great light.  And so the Christ meets us.
Thanks for the gifts Lord.  In Christ,
Pastor Randy
"We strive to be people who live in the light, not weighed down by darkness or fear or uncertainty, but sometimes that is difficult.  Help us remember that your abiding love and mercy sustain us in times of fear.  Our culture expects this to be a season of good cheer, but for some of us, the fears can be overwhelming.  Many of us sit in fear of the unknown - worrying about what will happen tomorrow.  We celebrate in the hope of the One who was born in a lowly stable and who will come again.  We remember that he is Emmanuel, God with us.  Always.  That is what gives us confidence to unburden all of our fears, concerns and joys with the One who created and sustains us.  Amen."
Advent soup/supper this evening at 5:45 pm
Joyous Light Evening Worship at 6:30 pm
Health Team Meeting Friday at 12:30 pm (bring a Christmas snack to share)
Sunday December 13th  8:30 regular service,
                                  11:00 Sunday School Program
                                    6:00 pm SOV Carol fest and Choir concert (bring your favorite
                                                 Christmas dessert to share; hot cider and hot chocolate
                                                 will be provided)