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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pastor's Weekly Message

"In that region there were shepherds living in the fields, keeping watch over their flocks by night. "  Luke 2:8
Things are back to normal.  The big freeze is over for now and the rains and milder temperatures have returned.  Things are back to normal?  What does that mean exactly?
It would be nice to have a normal Christmas.  Remember last last year?  The weather wreaked havoc with lots of plans.  It didn't turn out to be normal at all.

The shepherds were just doing their jobs.  It was a normal night for them.  And  all heaven broke loose.  Chances are it changed their lives forever.  It sure made a difference for what they witnessed, and shared, that night.  But beyond that we don't hear anymore about them.  Maybe their perception of normal was never the same again.  Maybe they paid more attention from that time on, and enjoyed all the more what passed for normal.
What will the days ahead bring?  I know what my plans are.  Will it be normal?  What exactly is that again?  Seems there are more questions here than anything else.  In the mean time, like the shepherds, do what seems normal and see how it is that God breaks in to the plans already made.
Pay attention!  In Christ,
Pastor Randy
"Holy God, forgive us.  Where we lack a generous spirit, fill us.  Fill our hearts with joy and song so others see in us the grace and mercy you have given us through your Son.  Instill in us a spirit of gratitude.  Open our eyes and ears, and prepare our hearts to receive the most precious gift of all.  Amen."
Last Advent soup/bread supper this evening at 5:45 pm
Joyous Light Service follows at 6:30 pm

DON'T MISS IT... This Sunday December 20th at both worship services;
Chuck Neighbor's performance of  "Merry Christmas, Mr. Jones"

'Calling all Carolers'  Bring your Christmas Spirit; Santa Hats, Scarves, Mittens...etc.
We will be meeting at the church at 4:30 pm to carpool over to 'The Springs,' and 'Rock Creek' Retirement homes, (bring soup or chili to share afterwards)