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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pastor's Weekly Message

"And Jesus increased in wisdom..."  Luke 2:52
After all the preparation and expectation it seems to end so quickly.  But it isn't at an end yet (talking about Christmas here).  We are still in the time of Christmas until the Epiphany arrives on January 6th.  It is time to bask in the beauty and richness a bit.
For me it was all a little surreal, as it should be I suppose, but my first Christmas at SOV certainly added to that.  Yet the story was the same, thank goodness, but it was so different as well.  Not being in my own "home" for Christmas Eve, after worship services were done.  Staying at our daughters (and her new husband) a place they were still in the process of moving into themselves.  That whole part of the picture probably was a little more true to the nature of that first Christmas that Luke tells us about.  (So, not terrible stuff, just different and noteworthy, life's changes.)
And then there is the chance to bask in the beauty of the worship time that was shared.  Filled literally to overflowing early Christmas Eve, all the excellent music, the beauty of the space, the many smiling faces and warm greetings shared,  The darkened sanctuary lit by the tree lights and candles as we sang Silent Night.  There was laughter too, and moments to relax as we simply let the joy of the story wash over us.
The preparation was worth the effort even if it all passed too quickly.  Expectations were met in the telling of the story yet again, and in the sharing of even brief moments.  And yes Christmas still continues, giving us a chance to see the chaotic days (especially with the consideration of the surprise, disruptive snow on Tuesday) with "increased wisdom"  to appreciate anew what gifts we have been given and how rich life is.  Indeed as Jesus "increased in wisdom" may we do a little growing ourselves.
The adventure continues,
and it is a grand one.
In Christ,
Pastor Randy
"Holy God, you sent your Son to warm the darkness with light.  We pray for all those who cannot see the light because they are afraid or are in too much pain - physically, spiritually or emotionally.  May the power of your light search for cracks in which it might start to shine through.  May all people know the healing power of your Word and grace.  Continue to drive out the demons that taunt and torment us so we may be made whole.  In the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen."
Bible Study and Wednesday evening services resume January 6th

Rebecca Circle Meets Wednesday January 6th
"Growing Together" in leadership/stewardship with John Cross January 9th 12-2pm