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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Capital Campaign Update

Have you wondered?
Some may question why we continue to have a Capital Campaign when we have general fund deficit and there are improvements or maintenance issue for the current building we occupy.

It is not all uncommon in today's economic times for churches to be having general budget deficit.

Improvements and or maintenance issues, to our current building, continue to be on the forefront of how best to maintain the current facility until such time as a new building can be constructed while maintaining the fiduciary responsibility of the building fund.

That being said the largest obstacle we (SOV) faces is waiting for the property/land to sell in order to have the funds necessary to fulfill the hopes and dreams of the future of SOV's building project. Just because the property (land) does not sell does not mean the money raised and being raised is at a loss.

We can always re-evaluate our current building dreams should that become necessary.

We would like to "Thank" everyone for the gifts whether you are one time givers or regular givers.

As we said in the beginning of the Capital Campaign; contributions to the Capital Campaign are to be given after your funds are contributed to the general fund of the Church.

We trust our vision, hopes and dreams will allow your continued support of the reality of the Capital Campaign.

"Building on Christ our Foundation"

Bob R. McFall & Tammy McDonald
Executive Directors - Capital Campaign