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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do you really want to miss out?

Here is another invitation to join us on Saturday at SOV for the Stewardship/Leadership "Growing Together" training. Have you said to yourself "not really interested . . . . it cuts into my Saturday . . . . one day of church a week is enough . . . I don't want to be a leader." Here's another thought.

Have you become acquainted with all of the SOV family members? Are all acquainted with you? All our SOV activities, while having a focus, are really an opportunity for you to get better connected with one another. Connecting. It takes time and opportunity. Come to visit. Come to hear some ideas. Come to share some ideas. Working together. That's how things happen at SOV. Have you ever attended an event at SOV and not enjoyed yourself??? God is leading us.

Hope to see you there!!!!  
please RSVP to Tammy