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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pastor's Weekly Message

"Light is sweet, and it is pleasant for the eyes to see the sun."  Ecclesiastes 11:7
It was one of those days that was not really expected, and the light was a sweet surprise.  The sun was out and the temperature mild and thoughts turned to spring even though it is only the end of January.  (Truthfully though there are things sprouting at home, and buds on some of the bushes, so the time is not too far off.)
It is the kind of time that lifts the spirits and draws me outside to do nothing but stand and look.  The view from the deck of the church is a pretty interesting one.  Yes there is traffic on both sides which provides a constant hum if not a dull roar.  But there is much more.  It is all enhanced by the light of the sun.  Even the mounds of the pocket gophers don't seem so bad (okay, that is easy to say from up on the deck) each is the enhancement of the sun light.
There were a few robins hopping around, cocking their heads in the funny way they do before they find another worm to mince up and then gobble down.  And there is the group of ducks, don't know if it is more than one family or not.  Every time someone approaches the bridge that crosses Bronson Creek the ducks come hustling out of the tall grasses as if to collect a toll.  Enough people bring bread to toss to them that they seem to believe that everyone will do the same.  Their optimistic expectations make me smile and give encouragement as well.
There are many more people out than usual, dogs and kids running ahead.  The sun will do that.  It is "sweet" and "pleasant" indeed. 
And the moment of this writing it is now dark and the rains have returned again.  But the light and warmth of this day remains sweet and pleasant in my mind.  Thanks for the gifts Lord and for the chance to take it all in.
Much peace,
Pastor Randy
"Open our eyes, O gracious God, to all the good that you provide us.  Let us look back upon past blessings ... and then forward to blessings we anticipate.  And in between past and future, show us how many kindnesses you are providing right now, beginning with your ever-present love in Jesus Christ, our Savior, who shared our pain and joy, and shares in it still.  Amen."
This evening; 
 Healing Worship Service at 6:30 pm

Friday January 29th, Prayer Vigil 10:00 - 8:00 pm
Feel free to stop by anytime to spend a moment in silent prayer; for you, the church or the world as a whole, materials will be available to guide you if needed.

Sunday January 31st at both worship services
A day of celebration and reflection on our past, current and future commitments to the church and to God.