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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pastor's Weekly Message

"Love one another with mutual affection; out do one another in showing honor."             Romans 12:10
One tradition says that in 270 A.D.l a Christian priest named Valentine was imprisoned and executed in Rome for performing marriages.  According to Claudius II, marriages were a threat to national security, because they made soldiers less willing to fight.
On the eve of Valentine's execution he wrote a note of thanks to the jailer's daughter, who had shown him kindness during his imprisonment, and signed it "Your Valentine".  That is credited for originating the custom of showing affection on Valentine's Day with a card or a note.
That has escalated a bit.  Now there are lots of advertisements, in the paper, on radio and TV, all about Valentine's Day.  It is not like the idea behind it all is a bad one.  I intend on getting a little something for the ones I hold dearest to my heart.  Though it does seem a bit sad to have one day set aside to express love, and there are all kinds of experts quoted and interviewed about how best to express that love. 
Do we really need that kind of coaching?  Probably, yes.  But we can keep trying none the less, and not just in the romantic sense that has come to dominate Valentine's Day. (Because in that respect maybe Valentine's Day has become too limiting.)  That is where those words of Paul from his letter to the church in Rome really come in to play, "mutual affection and showing honor".  Take a moment to think of the folks who are a blessing in our lives, give thanks, let them know of their importance.  Chances are it might take more than one day to do such a thing justice.
Thanks for the love Lord, and may we indeed love as you first loved us.
In the peace and power of the cross,
Pastor Randy
"O God of love, who has given us a new commandment through your only begotten Son, that we should love one another even as You have loved us, the unworthy and the wandering:  We pray that you will give us, your servants, all our life on this earth, a mind forgetful of past injuries, a pure conscience and a heart of love for our brothers and sisters; for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen."

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