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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pastor's Weekly Message

"....yet at the scent of water it will bud and put forth branches like a young plant."      Job 14:9

It was the day off and there was a chance to begin the trimming that I didn't think I would be doing again.  But such things cannot be put off and so the work began.  It was a beautiful day and the grapes were the first to be cut back.  Some of these vines have been around for a while and they still produce bountifully, and from the buds I saw they will again.  Then it was on to an apple, pear and plum tree.  The sun felt warm on my back, and there was a lot of chattering and movement from the birds.  There were robins, towhee, starling, doves, various sparrows, quail and more.  There was singing and grousing.  There were flowers blooming as well.  Daffodils I know, a Lenten bush (is that the right name?) and others I would not hazard a guess at.  So much beauty and life.
Which brings us to those words from Job quoted above.  They are about a tree being cut down that will "sprout again".  That made me think of the life that continues on even when I get done with my inept hacking.  In the words of scripture that follow things are not nearly so hopeful about humanity.  I understand the meaning, but at the same time the resurrection that I see going on all around me fills part of me too.  All of creation seems to share it's very life with us. 
There is even that "scent of water".  The very next day, after the cutting and pruning, there was at first a hint of moisture in the air, and then a gentle rain.  After a few dry days it smelled grand and clean, and on taking it in there the reminder that it is not only the vegetation that "put forth branches like a young plant."  It waters us all.
Thanks for the beauty and the gifts Lord, may they lift us all to a sense of hope and the promise of grand things to come.
In the peace and power of the Christ,
Pastor Randy
"Lord of creation and God of grace, we thank you for the yearly miracle of the spring, as the earth awakes from its winter sleep and is arrayed again in the glory of resurrection life. Send into our hearts the Spirit of the living Christ, to raise us to newness of life and to clothe us with the beauty of his holiness, for your honour and glory." Frank Colquhoun
Lenten Soup/Bread supper this evening 5:45 pm
Vesper Service (following soup supper) 6:30 pm

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