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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pastor's Weekly Message

"Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I fear no evil;" Psalm 23:4

The times we live in might be considered pretty scary by some.  There are plenty of folks who would tell us that is the case.  There is much shouting about being aware of leaders, mostly divisive stuff, devoid of answers and personal responsibility and sacrifice.
Fear is nothing new and we hardly have a corner on the market in this time and place.  (Actually some of our fears may seem silly to others, but fear is a relative thing and beyond the scope of these few words.)
This rambling is engendered by some words by Don Miller, founder of TheMentoringProject.org.  His thoughts stirred my thoughts, and so I share with you, "Over 200 times in the Bible, God tells us, 'Do not fear.'  Why?  Because God's pressing us into better stories.  Don't be afraid.  Do this thing.  It will make you a different person....The more conflict there is, the better the story is going to be.....   We have to lay down our lives.  We have to pull out of the silly, stupid stories that we are brainwashed into telling by commercial society - stories about cars, clothes- just dumb stories.   The NO. 1 way we consume stories- and have our moral compasses adjusted - is .....through each other.  People around us who are telling stories adjust what we think is beautiful and what we think profane, what we think is worth living for and what we think is worth dying for.   And when you tell a good story with your life, when you want a good thing, and are a person of great character, and will not compromise your story, the people around you will understand better how to tell good stories with their lives.  Your life, your story, must not be compromised."
Still thinking about that, but certain of one thing as I move ahead.  In the face of scary times we have the psalmist speaking with comforting words that help us face any fears, God is present with us.
In Christ,
Pastor Randy
"We revel in the glory of a new day as we gather to worship you, our Creator.  We delight in the knowledge that you have called each of us to be yours and know us each by name.  May our prayers, praise and proclamation be pleasing to you.  Amen."
Soup/Supper    @ 5:45 pm
Vesper Service @ 6:30 pm
Adult Choir       @ 7:00 pm

Remember in prayer Corrine and Larry in the death of Corrine's brother Erdman
Sunday March 14~ Don't forget to "spring forward" and move your clock ahead 1 hour... (before you go to bed Saturday evening)