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Friday, April 30, 2010

From your treasurer

What was that?  Was there a misprint?  Did they put the decimal in the wrong place?

For those of you reading the bulletin last week, there was no misprint on the financials.  Our financial situation is getting better, but it is important for everyone to understand why and what still needs to be done.

At the end of March, SOV received a gift from an anonymous donor from outside the church for $12,000.  The donor specified that the offering could go to our prior year's loss.  This along with an increase in giving early this month has put our church in a position we have not seen in over 18 months, IN THE POSITIVE.  Currently we are NOT borrowing from any committed funds (Building, Memorial, etc).

Now for those who are wondering what this really means consider the following:
- We have had a heavy weight lifted, not by what our membership did, but by an outside benefactor.
- Jan – March of 2010 resulted in a net loss each month (part of this was during the Catch-up Drive).
- We still have 2/3 of the year to go.

While others may see this differently, I see what has happened as a divine challenge.  We had a great burden that we carried in from the last two years and now it has been lifted.  Like a person who has had their sins forgiven, we now have the ability to go forward with more strength.  We have been given a clean slate, but we now have to act to keep up this strength. 

Our stewardship is required to meet the needs of the current year, and also plan for the future.
Going forward, I have only one hope in regards to our financials, "Never Again".  Never again will we let the church fall over $20,000 in debt.  Never again will we feel that we are in a hole we can't climb out of.  Never again will we feel prisoner to our debt and let it distract us from where we really need to be focusing our efforts.

As I begin to wrap up my term of being Treasurer, I would like to thank all those who have helped through a challenging term.  I started my term with our general fund over $5,000 in the negative only to see that grow to greater than $20,000.  My hope is that after this month, a modest positive balance would be the best ending I could hope for.

Currently the nominating committee is having a difficult time finding a new Treasurer for next year.  Unfortunately, I won't be available due to other commitments.  If you are interested or can recommend a member, please contact Diane Lewis.

Mark Vignolo