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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pastor's Weekly Message

"Let my prayer be counted as incense before you, and the lifting up of my hands as an evening sacrifice."  Psalm 141:2

We've sung those very words in worship.  I love the picture they present.  Though I must say that my own prayers would not always come across as being necessarily the sweetest smelling.  And when that is the case even then the Creator provides the incense.
Thinking of outside again.  Mowing away, lost in thought, and coming upon the lilac bushes I had truthfully forgotten about.  They had begun to bloom, despite my lack of attention.  And the smell, God's incense indeed.  Cut some and brought them inside, and the sweet gift lingered throughout the night.
Every night the last thing I do before drifting to sleep is to offer a prayer.  That prayer always begins with a thanks for the gifts of the day.  That does not make me some grand saint, often I drift off before finishing the prayer, and sometimes I struggle with the thanks to begin with.  The point is that God provides the incense and the sense of sacrifice in the first place, there is at least a need to take note.
Thanks for the gifts Lord and the time to lift them up.
In the peace and power of the Christ,
Pastor Randy
"Gracious God, you have given us the ultimate gift in the death and resurrection of your Son.  We humbly offer these gifts to you.  Bless them for your use - that the ministry of this congregation might serve as a witness to all those who need sight and sound of your loving presence.  Amen."

This Week:
Wednesday, Vesper Service at 6:30 pm
Continued prayers for Darlene, Jenny and Dean.
Prayers of peace and comfort for the family and friends of Pearl.