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Friday, May 28, 2010

KOK (Kids of the Kingdom) update...

"Sometimes when God closes a door; a window is open."
The KOK Board of Directors would like to share with our SOV family that due to low enrollment over the past 24 months and economic factors in our area, the KOK Board has shared with SOV Council that we need to suspend day care center services effective June 18, 2010.  As you know, KOK has been a ministry of SOV for over 21 years and we are very saddened by this suspension of services. You may understand that despite the dedicated work of the KOK Board, staff and the volunteers that lovingly shared their time and strengths, it would not be responsible to continue as a full time day care center if low enrollment continued.
The KOK Board has a sub committee evaluating current interest in a preschool program for Fall 2010.  We will be sharing more information with SOV members as this continues to develop. Please keep KOK staff, students, and families  in your prayers because they have recently been advised of the suspension of services for full time care.

Debbie Johnson, KOK Board Co-chair