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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thank you...

 A Memorable Memorial Day Moving Weekend 


Saturday was "Move out" day in Albany for Pastor Randy and Choice.  We had about 36 people from SOV and Good Shepherd there to accomplish a record setting move out! From 8:45 AM to 11:15 AM all the "shepherds" had everything moved out and on the road to Beaverton.  Food and beverages for breakfast snacks and lunch kept the "shepherds" moving and energized.  Randy and Choice had their family around them for last good bye's to the home they shared for 14 years then they were on the road (AT LAST) and ready to prepare for Monday's "move in"!

Monday was "move in" day.  The SOV "shepherds" started by 8:30 AM with Dick's trailer, then Marty's, the rental truck and Bob & Connie's trailer being emptied and moved in by noon!  Again the food team provided breakfast snacks, beverages and a hearty selection for lunch! We had at least 36 people from SOV helping to accomplish the move in, food and help with cleaning.  At last, Pastor Randy and Choice are official Washington County residents!

We are thankful for all the "shepherds" that participated in making the move go smoothly.  The only "hitch" was a trailer being "hitched" to move things here! 

This last weekend was a lot of work yet the members of SOV came together and were a wonderful team to show that many hands make the job not only faster to complete but  provided fun and fellowship as well!  We were honored that members from Good Shepherd worked with us to make the move complete.

SOV's moving coordinator