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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pastor's Weekly Message

"All your works shall give thanks to you, O Lord, and all your faithful shall bless you."  Psalm 145:10

The rummage sale.  If you happen to stop by the church this week it would be impossible not to notice the reality of it.  To put together such an event, especially with the space we have to work with, it takes the effort of many, many working together.

This past Sunday morning spoke to that reality for me.  There was a pretty good sized stack of items sitting outside our front doors, and it all needed to get inside somehow.  A simple plea was offered and the response was a sweet picture, because we worked together.

In quick order, and with a little direction, this family went to work.  I asked young Lisa if she was going to work and she replied that she was thinking about it.  Her thoughts apparently melded with most everyone else.  Young and old there was a parade of movement, and all the while people were smiling, talking, laughing and much was accomplished in short order.

Okay, maybe it was not the largest of job, but it was an example of what a community can do when working together.  We are the "works" that "give thanks" to the Lord, "faithful" blessings, in even the simplest of things.

In Christ,
Pastor Randy

"Lord you know us better than we know ourselves.  And what is amazing is that you still love us and want the very best for us.  Help us to open our very hearts to you and simply say 'yes'.  Amen."
This Week:
Friday and Saturday 9 - 5  RUMMAGE SALE

Continued prayers of healing for;
Ann Smith
Blackie McFall