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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stewardship in action.. Living a generous life!

September 19... is Volunteer Sunday. We will focus on how we can lead a generous life through volunteering.  Race for the Cure will be celebrated during Sunday School.  To start our Sunday School program this Sunday all ages are welcome to join the children for walk around the park to honor all our members, family and friends that have been affected by breast cancer. Before each service and during the fellowship time between services we will have time to acknowledge volunteering   We want to create a collage of the different areas of volunteering that our members support.  Everyone will be invited to write on cards or balloons to create a vision of volunteering.  Sharing God's love through service for our church, for other causes and for people in need is love in action.

September 26... will be celebrating our Storehouse.  The congregation will be encouraged to help with a food drive to support the spirit of generous living by collecting food and bringing these gifts to the altar during worship. Let's help fill our alter area with food and items that can help those in need that are ministered through our Shepherd's Storehouse outreach ministry.  Did you know that each Tuesday, Larina is our SOV contact person as she puts together the food boxes and meets the people in need that come to SOV for help?  Ask her to share some of her stories and what the Storehouse needs.