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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pastor's Weekly Message

Greetings to the family of Christ at SOV,

A month ago  I wrote about music changes and quoted from Martin Marty's Context.  Mentioned then that the publication was winding down and received the nearly last one that covers what he covered from 1978 to 1985.  Hope you don't mind if some of the things that stood out for me are now shared with you.  They are things that make me go "hmmm".

First there is this piece from educator Parker Rossman, from October 1981, and the future he was writing about is already past, "Electronic communications had at first seemed a danger: isolating people, making them passive...For a time there had been less travel, fewer meetings, and much more time had been spent in front of the television or home computer. [But by] the year 2000, families and congregations were using electronic networks to grow closer, to  keep in daily touch, so that the elderly, children, single people, teenagers, and everyone in the congregation was surrounded with a network of enfolding, caring love. Where one-way communication had been oppressive, propagandizing, even tyrannical at times, two-way communication could be personalized, loving, caring growth-producing, drawing people into continuing dialogue and conversation. Spiritually, church people in 2000 were also in continuous, closer contact with Christians all over the world; a global network of acquaintance and concern which was bringing world peace close and helping people join their efforts in solving global problems."  Ten more years have passed.  How is that working out?

And then there is this quote from philosopher and Christian mystic Simone Weil, "Why should I worry?  It's not my business to think of myself.  My business is to think of God.  It's his business to think of me." 

Sort of an easy out I suppose, but I may return to Context again from time to time.  Does it make you think too?

In Christ,
Pastor Randy

"Holy God, we thank you for equipping us through your Word to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.  It is our desire to your your Word, receive it and respond to it in obedience.  Where our desire falters, we ask for courage.  Where our will is weak, we ask for strength.  Speak to us, we pray, the word of conviction, of encouragement, of comfort or of teaching that we most need to hear, for you alone know our hearts.  Amen."
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