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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pastor's Weekly Message

"God made the two great lights - the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night - and the stars." Genesis 1:16

Sunday was a wild one, with God's powerful presence apparent in all sorts of ways.  It had been raining hard during the night so it was a pleasant surprise, on Sunday morning, to see the moon and stars shining so clearly.  So I stood in the driveway a bit, taking in the celestial bounty.  And during the day it was a constant back and forth, between dousing rains and hail, and bursts of sun and blue sky.  It captivated me during our worship time and through the rest of the daytime hours.  And when evening came the Lord tossed in a little light not mentioned in the creation account of Genesis.  Lightning flashed brilliantly on the drive home from the variety show.  And the wind blew.  The rain poured.  And then later that night the back yard was lit up by the silver light of a just past full-moon high in the sky.  And the night was still, except for the occasional tree frog and the suddenly renewed creek running through the trees below.  It was astoundingly lovely. 

All a reminder to me that when God set the creation in motion He did not walk away, but is still creating now.

The day was also like a microcosm of life itself.  Moving in fits and starts.  Beautiful, challenging, somehow all necessary, always changing. 

Sunday was a wild one.

In Christ,
Pastor Randy

"Infinite and Creator God, you alone hold the secrets of the history of the universe; you alone know the mysteries of life and of love; you alone comprehend the purposes of good and evil.  Even beyond time and space, you probe the farthest reaches of eternity.  We marvel at your majesty.  We revere your holiness.  We are humbled by your love and care for us.  We trust in your eternal purposes and plans, knowing that you are good and faithful.  Amen."
WEDNESDAY  6:30 pm    Vesper Service
                      7:00 pm    Adult Choir Practice
THURSDAY   12:00pm All Church Luncheon (everyone is invited)
           Special offering to be taken for Thanksgiving Food Baskets
           Bring canned food for Thanksgiving Food Baskets;
                   Rice (1/2 pound bags)
                   Flour (5 pound bag)
                   Canned vegetables (corn or green beans)
                   Cooking oil
                   Boxed Stuffing Mix
                   Canned cranberry sauce