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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pastor's Weekly Message

"....a sound of sheer silence"... I Kings 19:12

Giving thanks.  Starting off prayer after prayer with thanks because it certainly helps the attitude.  To recall blessings when faced with trials, or when tempted to think that God is absent, is a good way to take in the whole of reality.  Often it is pretty easy to list the things that I give thanks for, the obvious gifts of family, home and daily sustenance.  But the Lord can take me by surprise and remind me of a powerful presence in all sorts of ways.

So there I was, standing outside again late at night.  There were some stars to be seen and things were pretty still.  It was simply lovely.  And then there was the unmistakable sound "hoo - hoo hoo - hoo".  I stood stock still and heard it again and yet again.  It was the sound of a great horned owl, two of them probably, talking to each other.  And I listened to their conversation for a while, grinning like a fool.  Another reason to give thanks, unexpected, God ever present.

For the prophet Elijah it was a still small voice, or sheer silence.  The point is that God is constantly speaking to us.  May we hear the voice, in whatever form, and give thanks.

In thanksgiving for the whole of creation,
Pastor Randy

"Merciful Savior, you loved the world so much that you gave your all - your very life - for us.  We often receive your outrageous gift imperfectly, forgetting the abundance of it, and living instead in poverty of spirit.  We often reject the grace you freely offer and cling instead to guilt and shame.  We often deny your gift's liberating power and live instead in fear.  Grant us, we pray , courage and faith to live as children of a risen and saving Christ.  Amen."

Wednesday     6:30p Vesper Service
                       7:00p Adult Choir Practice
Social Concerns is accepting frozen chicken or turkey's for the Thanksgiving Food Basket Distribution November 20th.
Operation Christmas Child boxes are due this Sunday November 14
(using an empty standard shoe box, wrap in Christmas paper (lid separately) pray for the child who will receive the gift, then fill with your gifts. Gift suggestions for inside the box. Basic school supplies: pens, pencils, crayons, markers, writing pads, coloring books, calculators. Small toys: cars, balls, dolls, stuffed animals, jump rope etc. Hygiene items: toothbrush and toothpaste, mild soap in plastic bag, comb, washcloth etc. Other: hard candy, lollipops, gum (in plastic bag), hair clips, jewelry, watch etc.  Please do not include broken or damaged items, no war related items, such as guns, knives. No chocolate, no lotions or liquids, no medication or vitamins, no glass or aerosol cans.  Please label it for Boy or Girl (or pick up a label from the social concerns bulletin board).
Prayers of thanksgiving for the successful surgery of Ginnie's brother in law.