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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sunday November 21

Stewardship Commitment Sunday, November 21!

Facing the truth and following Jesus as we share the generous life that God provides each of us is a life long gift and opportunity. 

This time of our church year finds us involved in revisiting our own commitment of being a good steward of what God generously gives us each day of our earthly lives.  Sometimes those gifts are time, sometimes, money,  sometimes talents to share and sometimes a combination of everything.

We ask that each of us prayerfully consider making a pledge from your heart and share it as a personal offering during worship this Sunday.  These pledges help our council shape and guide our budget that in turn guides the mission and ministry for Shepherd of the Valley.
Each gift is a powerful expression of love and joy as we give back to God part of what He generously gives to us.

For those of us that have children, talk to them, include them in knowing that you are praying about this and ask them to share how they can also be part of giving back to God.  It is joy that keeps on giving.
We will have extra pledge forms and envelopes at the ushers station this Sunday.  Invite you children to participate with their own pledge.

Acting together, sharing enough, facing the truth and following Jesus gives us the foundation for "living a generous life" through the love, hope and promise of being children of God.
Together in His love,
Your Stewardship team