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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pastor's Weekly Message

"Prepare the way of the Lord...." Mark 1:3b 

That is a theme of Advent, preparation.  It is evident in all sorts of ways, in our homes, in church buildings.  Do we sometimes get carried away?  So much so that we miss the point, or lose it entirely?  Probably so, but this is not a time for casting aspersions, at least not from me.

Sunday night we put the tree up at our house.  The earliest we have ever done that in my recollection.  But the need was great in my heart.  It was a rich time of looking forward with excitement and remembering the gifts years filled with blessings.  Listened to Christmas carols, strung lights, and after some effort, some laughter, and even a few tears, we stopped.  It was not that we were done, such preparation is never truly done, whatever the season.

Then we sat in the relative dark and silence for a while.  These were pretty sweet moments actually.  A reminder again that the "light shines in the darkness and the darkness does not overcome it". Preparation for the coming of the Christ.  May we all have some time to do such things, in whatever ways speak to us.  Prepare the way indeed!

In Christ,
Pastor Randy

"God of grace and glory, refocus our minds on the real meaning of this season; to watch and to wait.  It is difficult to wait patiently for he birth of the Christ child, all the while anticipating our Lord's return.  Help us set aside the concerns of the world in this holiday season so we may hear John the Baptist's words, take them to heart and focus on preparing the way of the Lord.  Amen."
WEDNESDAY  Advent soup supper  5:45/6:00 pm
                       Vesper Service           6:30 pm
                       Adult Choir                 7:00 pm
THURSDAY     Men's Night  @ Old Chicago  6:30 pm
FRIDAY          Festival of Trees outing meeting @ SOV, 9:30 am
SUNDAY        Adult Sunday School class 10:00 am
                     (Ada will continue her presentation on 'Dreams')