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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pastor's Weekly Message

"and a little child shall lead them." Isaiah 11:6 

I was ready to be disappointed.  Really wasn't sure what to expect, but our number seemed so small when we headed out for caroling.  On our first stop we just went up on the stage, after a warm greeting, and started singing.  I saw smiles and nods, eyes sparkling and lips moving along with the words of these beloved songs.

Disappointment?  How foolish.  It wasn't about numbers but about singing the good news and sharing some joy with others.  (Though starting Silent Night at to high a pitch did put a strain on us for a moment.)  Then we shared some greetings, blessings for the season and went to our next stop.

Now about that "little child" part.  Obviously through Christian eyes we see the baby Jesus as the one that Isaiah refers to, the one that we were singing about. But  there were other children with us that night as well.

So thankful that my grand-daughters Taylor and Avery were there.  But there was also Emery.  As we sang and walked she sometimes raced ahead.  When we stopped she would twirl, dance and sometimes direct our singing.  Her confidence and comfort, joy and enthusiasm, fit the moment perfectly.  Aware or not, she was a teacher.  There were smiles aplenty, and again a reminder of the purpose for being there.  Again we sang heartily, shared best wishes and a moment of warmth (and for me the warmth lasted more than a moment).

And I was ready to be disappointed, and also obviously still learning.

Christmas blessings, in the name of the child Christ,
Pastor Randy

"Be born among us that we may ourselves be born.  Be born within us that by words and deeds of love we may bear the tidings of your birth to a world that dies for lack of love.  We ask it in the child's name.  Amen."   (from prayers by Frederick Buechner)


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