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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pastor's Weekly Message

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Happy New Year!  How long can we say that? 

This week brings the celebration of Epiphany.  It used to be a big event in the church and we do still honor it here at SOV,  Epiphany will be the focus of our worship this evening and even of our time as we un-decorate the church Thursday morning beginning at 8:30am. (That is the actual day of Epiphany, always on January 6th in our part of the world.)

The time means, quite literally, "to show, or make known", and so it may be a time of some revelation for us.  Notice the numbers and letters above the doors as you enter the sanctuary, another piece of tradition for Epiphany worship (and beyond).  Ask about them, or look it up.

Life is rich.  May our faith and forms of worship help us take it all in.  Those forms of worship may be wider than we ever imagined.

Please consider these words, an excerpt of a prayer from violinist Yehudi Menuhin, "Help me to preserve my capacity for wonder, ecstasy, and discovery; allow me everywhere to awaken the sense of beauty,and with and for others and for myself to contribute to the sum of beauty we behold, we hear, we smell, taste, or touch or are otherwise aware of through mind and spirit; help me never to lose the life-giving exercise of protecting all that breathes and thirsts and hungers, all that suffers.  Help me find a balance between the longer rewards and the shorter pleasures, while remaining in tune with relative values, while patiently according the passage of time its rich harvest of loyalties, experience, achievement, support, and inspiration."

Peace and blessings in Christ,
Pastor Randy
Wednesday    6:30 pm Vespers Service
Thursday       8:30 am Un-Decorating party
                     1:30 - 7:00pm Red Cross Blood Drive
                                          (walk-in's welcome)