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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pastor's Weekly Message

It is late at night and I can hear the creek running again, a remarkably soothing sound, meaning that the flood water at the park have receded.  Things have taken on an eerie beauty.  Even the street lights have a little less glare because the fog has descended.  Even the bony fingers of the leafless trees have a beauty in the drifting silver light.  The traffic noises seem softened too.

The days care, tomorrow's projected worries, all become a little softer, less troublesome to the heart.  For the moment, in the safety of a back stoop, it is in a sense God's blanket in my mind.  Be careful, slowdown (works for the driving in the stuff as well), pay attention, see things a little differently.

What quiets your heart when the need arises?

Thanks for the comfort and beauty Lord, and your presence in this continuing adventure.

In Christ,
Pastor Randy

"Thus says God, the Lord, who created the heavens and stretched them out, who spread out the earth and what comes from it, who gives breath to the people upon it and spirit to those who walk in it;  I am the Lord, I have called you in righteousness, I have taken you by the hand and kept you;  I have given you as a covenant to the people, a light to the nations" (Isaiah 42:5-6).  Trust.  Go.  Be God's light in the world.  Amen.
Wednesday  10:00 a Bible Study
                     6:30 p Vespers Service
                     7:00 p Adult Choir Practice
Thursday      12:00 p ALL CHURCH LUNCHEON
                     (soup lunch & fellowship time)

Sunday        12:15 p Congregational Meeting