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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pastor's Weekly Message

"Remember the wonderful works he has done, his miracles, and the judgments he has uttered," Psalm 105:5

It is a blustery, rainy night.  Fitting for a February.  Feeling all the more fortunate for a home to rest in.

Pretty mundane observations, but pointing to things worth remembering.  Remembering the mundane and the miraculous was especially on my mind a couple of nights ago.  Been keeping a journal for nearly 31 years now.  Started the first one when we left Ohio for Oregon and internship in Bend. 

The other night I finished the 16th volume, over 3,000 pages that will most likely never be read.  Filled with births and deaths, grand and menial times, reminders that I return to from time to time, to see how much life has changed and how much worries and joys have not. 

Often times an entry closes with the words, "the adventure continues".  And it certainly does.  In the midst of it all it is good to recall a constant, "wonderful works ... miracles ... judgments uttered."  Menial and grand.

As if to make a point right now the skies have cleared for a moment.  There is a nearly full moon high in the sky.  It is beautiful.  The adventure continues.

In awe of the Creator,
Pastor Randy

(starting to look like a winter wonderland out there, who knew?)

"God, you are holy and righteous.  May the offerings we bring  give you the honor you so greatly deserve.  May the words we speak, the songs we sing and posture of our bodies glorify you. Help us worship you with all that we are.  Amen."
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