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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eagle Scout Project

Dear SOV Congregation, 
I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to my Eagle project so far, it really does mean a lot. I am on the way to my goal of raising $1300. This being said, I am still collecting donations through this coming Sunday, the 1st of May, so that materials can be bought for the workday the following week. If you would like to contribute, you can make your check out to SOV noting Eagle Project on the memo line, so you can write it off on your taxes.

My Eagle Project will be for the benefit of SOV and Kids of the Kingdom Preschool. It will be a multi-step process involving many side projects.

First, the hill on the church's eastern side needs to be terraced, and a retaining wall will have to be installed to prevent future erosion. This part of the project will be the most time consuming and will require some strong guys to do some heavy lifting. 

Second, trenches will need to be dug on both sides of the sidewalk so that French drains can be made to carry runoff water away from the path and building. We will need lots of diggers and back fillers.  

Third, a sign for the Pre-school will be installed. 

Last, a fire drill safety area on the eastern side of the dumpster will be created. We will install a wood perimeter and fill it with wood chips.
We will start at 8:30am on Saturday May 7th, and should finish late afternoon. In order for your hours to be counted for my project, please make sure that you sign in/sign out on the volunteer sheet when you arrive/leave. Food and beverages will be provided. Be sure to bring your shovel and work gloves because we are going to be doing a lot of digging. Any rakes or wheelbarrows would be greatly appreciated as well.  
Those willing to volunteer, please respond via Tammy, so I can determine how best to use your abilities. Thank you all for your willingness and support.
Gunnar Rasmussen

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pastor's Weekly Message

"He is risen!  He is risen indeed!!"
We shouted the words.  There was a big crowd to do the shouting.  We had breakfast at church that day too, prepared by a bunch of hard working, early rising, youth.  There were many more flowers, and even more singing, than usual.  Lots of visitors too.
It would be easy to offer some sort of cynical commentary about the time.  But who knows what seeds may have been sown.  And the time and effort of many were from deep in the heart, leaving little room for cynicism.
But there is something else too.  I know that that proclamation of the risen Christ is not confined to one very special designated Sunday morning.  It is a part of what we do every time we gather.  But there is more than that, and even this is only a part.  Standing in the quiet of the back yard, looking at the cherry tree now filled gloriously with white petals.  It seemed to happen suddenly.  Taking in the beauty, in the dappled sun light, the sound in my heart echoed the shouts of the church sanctuary, "He is risen!  He is risen indeed!!"
In the peace and power of the Christ,
Pastor Randy
"So many things in this world try to draw our attention away from what is truly important.  Too many times these things become little gods demanding our time, talents, money and devotion.  Lord, restore to us the right relationship we need to have with you.  Remind us again of the blessings and good fortune we have to be in your house and to celebrate your love for us.  Amen."
This Week

Wednesday   10:00 a Bible Study
                     No Wednesday Vespers Service

Thursday      12:00 p  All Church Luncheon
                     7:00 p   Council Meeting

Sunday    May 1
                New Member Sunday
                Scrip Order's due

Looking Ahead

Tuesday   May 3rd  6:30 p Ladies Dinner @ Nonna Emilia's

Thursday   May 5th 
                 Red Cross Blood Drive 1:30 - 7:00 p
                 Men's Night @ Pastor Randy's 6:30p (Please RSVP)

Saturday   May 7th
                 CPR/AED Training 8:00-2:00p (room still available)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

From a Name to a Number

To anyone who purchased Alter Wiener's Biography at his presentation on April 17th, please consider posting a review:             

Since you have finished reading my book and intending to post a review, please notice the following:

Click to start your review. Nobody is required to buy the book from Amazon to be entitled to place a review; any purchase in the past from Amazon, grants this privilege. Click "Find a Product" and search for "From A Name to A Number". Please close your review with your status (minister, professor, teacher, student, etc.).You may also see on this website what other readers had to say about the book and check "Was this review helpful to you?" You could also post a comment by clicking on Comment.

Your thoughts, as a religious person and as a compassionate person, if posted on amazon.com, will have a lasting positive impact on contemporary and future generations. I shall appreciatively acknowledge your review when I see it posted on amazon.com

Warm Regards,

Alter Wiener

Monday, April 25, 2011

Wear to Share!

SOV T-Shirts ... Be ready to order soon!
    Your opportunity to "wear to share"! 
We are offering an opportunity for all members of all ages to wear an official Shepherd of the Valley T-shirt when we are on our own or when we are working together at church or when we work together in our community. What a great opportunity to "wear to share" who your church family is and where you worship.
There will be at least two colors choices and the sizes will go from small children's through 6XL.
The cost will be $8.10 for children through adult XL, $9.60 for 2XL,  $11.10 for 3XL, $12.60 for 4XL, $14.10  for 5XL, $15.60 for 6XL.
Orders will be taken on May 1 and May 8 and through email.  Color samples will be made available on May 1 and through the web site.

For more information contact Larina.

A message from Social Concerns

We are collecting completed kits and donations for Lutheran World Relief's Personal Care Kits until Sunday, May 1st, 2011. It costs about $11 to purchase the items that make up the kits. If you would like to donate completed kits, please follow these assembly instructions:

Include the following items in each Personal Care Kit:
  • One bath-size towel (approximately 52" X 27"), dark color recommended
  • Two bath-size bars (4 to 5 oz.) of soap, any brand, in original wrapping
  • One adult-size toothbrush in its original packaging*
  • One sturdy comb, remove packaging
  • One metal nail clippers, remove packaging
*Toothbrush multi-packs may be used by sealing an individual toothbrush in a business envelope; no plastic bags or wrap

Do not add other items or leave out any of the items listed. All items should be new and in good condition. Wrap all the items in the towel and tie securely with ribbons or yarn. Do not enclose the Kit or any of its contents in plastic bags.

Note that the items included this year are a little different from previous years. If you would like to donate funds, please mark "Social Concerns - health kits" on your check. Thank you!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday Service Tonight

Please join us at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church
Good Friday Service
The Seven Last Words of Christ
April 22, 2011
7:00 pm

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maundy Thursday Service

Please join us tonight: 

Thursday, April 21st
7:00 pm

Maundy Thursday Service

"washing of the hands"

Easter Breakfast Donations

Youth Group is still accepting food donations for Easter Breakfast:
Spiral cut hams
Fruit, fresh or frozen

Please bring to the church before 3 pm Saturday.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pastor's Weekly Message

"When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted." Matthew 28:17
According to Matthew that was the reaction of the eleven remaining disciples when they first saw the resurrected Jesus.  Not too surprising in my estimation.  With all they had seen doubt may have been a constant companion. (Did that really just happen?)
And then there was the confusion of betrayal, a betrayal that belonged to all of them.  And then the startling and sorrowful Crucifixion that followed it all.  In the face of that horrific event it all had to be over.  All the promise and hope gone.
We go through it again now with Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and the anticipation of Easter Vigil.  It is a microcosm of where life sometimes finds us, this time that the church simply calls The Three Days.
Familiar with doubt?  Frederick Buechner writes that doubt is "the ants in the pants of faith.  It keeps it alive and moving."  Doubt does not end it all.  Check and see what Jesus has to say and do when met with those doubts in the last few verses of Matthew.  It was personal then, and still is now.  "Remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age." (Matt. 28:20b)
In Christ,
Pastor Randy
"Holy God, we marvel at the mystery of Christ's suffering, death and resurrection.  You restore that which has been lost; bring new life from that which is old; offer healing and hope where there appears to be only sickness and death.  Set our hearts aflame and open our eyes that we may recognize your presence in every person, in every situation, in every place.  Amen."

Thursday   Maundy Thursday Service 7:00 pm
Friday       Good Friday Service 7:00 pm
Sunday     Easter Sunday Services 8:30 & 11:00 am  
                 Easter Breakfast 9:45 - 10:30 am

Looking ahead

May 1  
New Member Sunday, if interested in joining
           SOV please be in touch with Pastor Randy
           Scrip Order Sunday

May 5  American Red Cross Blood Drive 1:30-7:00pm

May 7  CPR/AED/First Aid training 8:00-2:00pm $35.00
           please sign up in the Narthex or email Tammy

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Cleaning at SOV

You're invited~

Spring Cleaning at SOV

Saturday, April 16th
9:00 - 12:00 pm

The majority of the work required is cleaning the interior of the church as the Shrubs and plant material will be pruned by a professional landscaping service next week.

The cost of this service is paid for by a private donation.

Bring your favorite cleaning supplies. You can leave your yard tools home this year.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pastor's Weekly Message

"The flowers appear on the earth; the time of singing has come, ...." Song of Solomon 2:12

Back outside again, or at least observing the outside.  Driving to Newberg for a cluster pastor's meeting.  The sun was shining for good sake!  Coming out of a curve and headed into another one on River Road, and along the little ditch are daffodils.  There are hundred's, if not thousands, of them.  "The time of singing has come" indeed.  The sunshine lit up those yellow flowers all the more and my heart was lit up a bit too.

The Creator continues to amaze.  Watching the promise of leaves finally beginning to open up on the trees out back adds to the promise and the chorus.  And so we head into the Holy Week, the joy of Palm Sunday equally tempered by the Passion of the Christ.

It is quite the adventure, and not a step of it taken alone.

In the peace and power of the cross,
Pastor Randy

"Merciful Savior, it is our privilege and delight to be in your presence and to bring our praises and worship to you.  You art our teacher and our friend; our rock and our hope; our strength and our light.  We celebrate your arrival in Jerusalem; we anticipate the agony that is before you; we await your victory over death.  Grant that we might walk this journey alongside you as faithful disciples, rather than as participants of the fickle crow.  Amen."

This Week

Wednesday 5:30 pm Soup/Bread Supper
                   6:30 pm Vespers Service
                   7:00 pm Adult Choir Practice

Saturday   9:00 - 12:00 pm SOV Easter/Spring Cleaning
                 there will be jobs available inside and outside
                 the building; bring your favorite cleaning
                 supplies or yard tools

Sunday     Palm Sunday
                6:00 pm Guest Speaker and Holocaust Survivor
                Alter Wiener will share his life story.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easter Flower Donations and Remembrances

There is now a sign up sheet located in the Narthex or you may email your Remembrance to Tammy. You can place your donation in the offering plate on Sunday or in the secretary's mailbox in the church office.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pastor's Weekly Message

The coldness of the rain may make it hard to believe, but spring is here, and with it all kinds of beauty.  Thinking in particular of the flowering trees that are around here.  In the gray there are colors of white and pink up and down the streets.  Such grand colors against the carpet of green.

A bit foolishly I suppose, and maybe of little interest to some, it is also the time for opening day.  This also takes place on fields of green.  It is a game for big boys and little girls.  It brings to mind Thomas Boswell's book "Why Time Begins on Opening Day", or A. Bartlett Giamatti writing, "The game begins in the spring, when everything else begins again, ..." (from "The Green Fields of the Mind").

Hope springs eternal.  Creation astounds once again and the gloom does not speak the final word.  Thanks for the gifts Lord.

Peace and blessings,
Pastor Randy

"Thank you, merciful God, for the bounty of your creation - for the gifts that nourish our bodies, souls and hearts.  Sustained by your grace may our lives reflect your presence in the world around us.  amen."


10:00 a  Bible Study
                       5:30 p  Lenten Soup Supper
                       6:30 p  Lenten Vespers Service
                       7:00 p  Adult Choir Practice

Thursday        6:30 p  Men's Night @ Old Chicago Pizza

Looking Ahead
Sunday April 17  6:00 pm (Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week)
Guest Speaker and Holocaust Survivor Alter Wiener will share is life story living in  concentration camps,  it will be a great connection and reflection of Holy Week.

Monday, April 4, 2011

A message from your SOV Health Team

On February 21, there was an earthquake in New Zealand. On March 11, an earthquake in Japan. And as the temblors get closer to home, you might be wondering, "Just when will an earthquake strike Oregon…and will I be ready?"

Get prepared for earthquakes

April is Earthquake Preparedness Month, the perfect time to plan for when "The Big One" hits our area. And we know it will. There have been about 40 documented great earthquakes along the Cascadia Subduction Zone and we're already overdue for the next one.

A small investment of time and money can save lives in a disaster. This month, make it a priority to get a kit, make a plan and be informed about the natural disasters that can strike our state.

To help you get prepared, use code EARTHQUAKEMONTH for a 15% discount on the five featured items shown here. Starting at just $15, there's no reason not to be ready for anything.

Review the comprehensive Earthquake Safety Checklist from the American Red Cross Oregon Chapter.

Friday, April 1, 2011

CPR/AED Training this Saturday

CPR/AED Training
Saturday April 2
     9:00 - 3:00 pm

(There may be room for a few last minute participants if you can attend stop in before 9:00 and  check in with Jason)
Class size limited to 9
Cost: $35.00 per person
Next Class
Saturday April 30
9:00 - 3:00 pm