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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

From a Name to a Number

To anyone who purchased Alter Wiener's Biography at his presentation on April 17th, please consider posting a review:             

Since you have finished reading my book and intending to post a review, please notice the following:

Click to start your review. Nobody is required to buy the book from Amazon to be entitled to place a review; any purchase in the past from Amazon, grants this privilege. Click "Find a Product" and search for "From A Name to A Number". Please close your review with your status (minister, professor, teacher, student, etc.).You may also see on this website what other readers had to say about the book and check "Was this review helpful to you?" You could also post a comment by clicking on Comment.

Your thoughts, as a religious person and as a compassionate person, if posted on amazon.com, will have a lasting positive impact on contemporary and future generations. I shall appreciatively acknowledge your review when I see it posted on amazon.com

Warm Regards,

Alter Wiener