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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pastor's Weekly Message

"... a sound of sheer silence." 1st Kings 19:12
Those are the final words of one of my favorite descriptions of God's presence.  The sound of God in what we expect and don't expect.  The sound of God all over the place.  Some accepted.  Some rejected.  Hearing the sound of God.  How do we tell?
Lots of sounds around my ears lately.  There is the hammering and sawing around the church, repairs being done.  Daphne's laughter for another game of peek-a-boo.  Josiah and Joel singing at worship.  Another siren on an ambulance roaring past the office windows on Cornell.  Shouting at Taylor's ball game from many people, some of it encouraging, some of it not so much.  Listening to the birds out back, taking note especially of the robins, doves and swallows. And some moments of silence too. 
Were some clearly God's sounds and some not?  Still listening.  It is some kind of rich life.  God is everywhere.
In Christ,
Pastor Randy
"Merciful Savior, too often our eyes are as dim as those of the two disciples who walked to Emmaus.  You stand in our midst, but we are unaware and disconnected.  We sit with you at the dinner table but look right past you.  You speak to us, but our hearing is dull.  We read the Scriptures, but we fail to understand.  Lord, we want know you, to see you, to hear your Word to us and to apply it to our lives.  Open our hearts and minds, we pray; speak to us through your Spirit so this Word, as it is read and proclaimed, penetrates us with the truth of your resurrection power.  Amen."

This Week

5:30 pm Worship Meeting

Friday          7:00 pm Confirmation Meeting for students and parent

Sunday        Scrip Orders

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Remember in prayer Deb and Dean Mueller-Kruse in the passing of Deb's father Grant Mueller on May 10th.