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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pastor's Weekly Message

".....a sound of sheer silence." First Kings 19:12
Returning again and again to some favorite verses, ending with those words about the presence of God.
In these days when there is news of yet another devastating storm.  When a publicity seeking, self proclaimed prophet (who seems to be mocking the very Jesus he claims to lift up) gets more press than folks who actually give of themselves in Jesus name.  Listening for the voice of God.
Present in the silence of the back yard.  Near silence anyhow.  The gurgling of the creek, the rustlings of the trees.  Present also in the not so nearly silent sorting of potatoes, food for those with hungry bellies and losing hope, joy in serving for others and being together on a Saturday morning.  Present in the voices of the little ones singing.  Ah, good and blessed sounds.
May we hear the promise of God's presence in our lives, be it in  silence, or the hum of life.  Do not be distracted by the condemnations that some would offer, the bombastic showiness of purported prophets, but listen for the presence of God in the simple passage of time in life itself.
In Christ,
Pastor Randy
"Father, you have commanded us not to worry, yet we confess that we spend so much time doing just that.  We confess our lack of trust in you.  Help us surrender our fears and concerns to you, knowing that your hand is in every aspect of our lives.  Father, turn our hearts toward yours and draw us close to you.  We confess our desperate need for you, for on our own we fret and fail.  Help us follow you with all our lives.  Thank you for your continued patience and forgiveness.  Amen."


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Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend!