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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pastor's mid-week message

"Thieves are not despised who steal only to satisfy their appetite when they are hungy."  Proverbs 6:30
Is what the writer of Proverbs offers really true in our experience?  I doubt that the laws of our time would see it that way.  (Though there is more in the verses that follow.)  Could start some discussions here I suppose.  Consider what seems right, fair and just.
This came to mind when I was checking out the garden the other day.  Noticed some green tomatoes on the ground and then some more.  Why?  The plants wer healthy.  There had been no wind.  Then I saw  hoof print.  Then I noticed much of the top of one plant had been nibbled away.
We had been victimized by a four-legged thief jus trying "to satisfy an appetite".  Feeling a little frustration, but no anger.  (We are fortunate enough not to have to depend on this garden to eat.)  Actually enthralled for a bit imagining the deer visiting in the still darkness.
The wonders of the adventure continue.
Pastor Randy
"Loving God, we come to you in gratitude for your love, whicdh is always present to us.  In the stillness of these moments, we rem,ember with thanksgiving the times inour lives when your love has enabled us to rise to our better selves.  We thank you for the gift of your Son, who came that we might know what perfect love looks like.  Amen."
Saturday, September 3rd, Hiebental/Miles Wedding, 5:00 PM
Sunday, September 4th, One service - 10:30 AM - Special Presentation - Chuck Neighbors
Tuesday, September 6th, Ladies Dinner @ China Bay Restaurant, 6:00 PM