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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pastor's Weekly Message

"So God created the great sea monsters and every living creature... "  Genesis 1:21
Back outside again, and more particularly to the park.  Taking in the views of the trees and walkers, frogs, ducks and flowers.  And these days lots of blue sky.  Lots of beauty.
And that brings me to another family we have observed at the pond.  I have seen their ilk before, and their image does not necessarily bring beauty to mind.  Maybe not what "monsters" spoken of in Genesis would conjure up, but still... . Talking about nutria here.  Not a native creature to this country.  In some places they are called 'coypu'.  They look like a big rat, just not as cuddly.  They damage shore lines, are aggressive, and were supposedly introduced in this country for their fur.  Really?
We have watched them silently for long periods.  Along with three babies, moving effortlessly in the water.  Wary, gnawing away on the shore, or diving under the water suddenly.  Fascinating.  Beautiful?  Eye of the beholder I suppose.  Still part of "God created ... every living creature."
Need to take that thought beyond observing nutria.  Always lessons to learn.
In praise of the Creator,
Pastor Randy
"God of all truth and light, speak to us now, we pray, through the words of your holy Scripture and the wonder of your creation, that we may have direction for our path, comfort in our suffering and hope for the future.  Amen."


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