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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pastor's Weekly Message

This ends up looking like a journal entry to me. Not real exciting stuff, but in the end the stuff of life.  

Start off at the church checking messages, and then to St. Vincent's Hospital to share a prayer with a member about to undergo a procedure (that word sounds so impersonal, sort of like "minor" surgery, but all turned out well for now).  Then greeting the youngsters from KOK back at the church again, during their recess time. Their greeting was grand and we made up our missed chapel time.  What a treat, as always, to share a story, prayer and and sing a bit.

Got to talk to my own children.  And then there were a couple of meetings in the evening.  Conversation was lively, if not always positive, and all in all a reminder that all these folks were present because this community of faith, their own faith as well, is an important part of their lives.

Well into the night I even saw my spouse for a bit and caught up on our respective days.  And finally there was the chance to look at the nearly full moon, and it was beautiful, with a star (actually a planet) shining brightly near by.  Rejoicing in the fact that God, the Creator of all things, was present in every moment.

Not exciting stuff, but the stuff of life.

Please guide me Lord, and thanks for the gifts.

Pastor Randy

A prayer from George Macdonald, "Maker of me, go on making me, and let me help Thee.  Come, of Father, here I am; let us go on.  I know that my words are those of a child , but it is Thy child that prays to Thee.  Is is Thy dark I walk in, it is Thy hand I hold.  Amen."


Wednesday  10:00 a  Bible Study
                     5:45 p  Lenten Soup Supper
                     6:30 p  Lenten Vesper Service
                     7:00 p   Adult Choir practice

Thursday     11:00 a  Evangelism Meeting
                     7:30 p OEC

Sunday       Scrip Order Sunday
(you can drop them off at the church anytime between now and Sunday)