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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pastor's Weekly Message

"the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace."  Numbers 6:26

Those words are the last part of what is know as the Aaronic blessing.  In it God also offers the blessing of grace and finally peace.  What peace means for us as God wishes it for us is far too big a subject for such a brief space.  So right now I am simply thinking of moments of peace, brief times of tranquility.

Had a picture of that the other morning.  A couple of deer returned to our back yard (apparently not concerned about the fact that we haven't yet put in a garden).  They stayed for a few hours, knowing enough peace themselves to just lay down for a while.  Found a little peace in simply watching them while they did nothing at all, or when they chewed their cud, or when prancing and the gracefully jumping as they left.

In reality that was a pretty grand moment, an invitation to know peace even when peace itself seems nowhere in sight.  May it be so Lord, because I simply cannot find it for myself.

God's peace,
Pastor Randy

"O God, awaken us to the presence of your love.  May your love spill over into our lives in such a way that it lightens the path and eases the burdens of each person we meet.  We pray in the name of the one who came as the light of the world, as love incarnate, Jesus the Christ.  Amen."


Wednesday   10:00 a   Bible Study
                       5:45 p   Lenten Soup Supper
                       6:30 p   Lenten Vesper Service
                       7:00 p   Adult Choir Practice

Tickets are still available for Sunday of the Passion
Dinner and Movie event

5:30 p Spaghetti Dinner
6:00 p Passion of the Christ Movie
$5.00 each or $10.00 per family
(youth fundraiser event)

Donations and Loans Needed
Please prayerfully consider your support to SOV's 6 youth and 2 leaders attending the ELCA Youth Convention in New Orleans. Loans will be paid back in August 2012. Funds are needed up front to secure attendance registration and accommodations as well as airfare.  If you have air miles you wish to donate please let Debbie Z. know. (The youth have been actively fundraising for this event, but the biggest fundraiser does not happen until after registration is due)