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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Maundy Thursday

Please join us for Maundy Thursday Worship!

Thursday April 5th
7:00 pm

This Maundy Thursday worship time, more than anything else, emphasizes Jesus' new commandment of love. 

Jesus' servanthood is most clearly evident in the Gospel text from John 13. In John's recording Jesus gives His new commandment not only by word, but by example as well.

Jesus' example was the washing of his disciples' feet, while such a task would be difficult to accomplish for everyone present, we will respond to it in a slightly different fashion. Foot washing was very important in Jesus' time because folks, if they had footwear at all, would end up pretty grimy as they traveled from place to place. Things are different here and now, and yet we still have a need for the human contact and the reminder that we need to care for, and be responsive to, one another.

So please come for the washing of hands. Be reminded of the Lord's example and his call to follow him in living out lives of Christian servanthood to others.